Tooth-Colored Fillings

You may think tooth decay is just for kids, but adults get cavities too. In our dental office, we treat cavities for patients of all ages and from all locations, including Cincinnati, Delhi, Bridgetown, Cleves, and Western Hills.

The good news is that Dr. John Unger relies exclusively on tooth-colored fillings to give our patients a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Cincinnati for Your Smile Aesthetics

Tooth-colored fillings rely on composite resin, a bondable and strong material colored to match your teeth. With this treatment option, even you may not know exactly where your own filling is! 

The process for a dental filling starts with a diagnosis—and it is almost impossible to find an emerging cavity on your own. During your preventive appointment, our Cincinnati dentist relies on digital x-rays if warranted and a careful examination to make his diagnosis.

From there, we schedule your cavity treatment.

Restoring a Decayed Tooth

Your dentist provides anesthesia, so you will not feel the treatment. When the anesthetic takes hold, Dr. Unger clears away the decay and then closes the tooth with a tooth-colored filling, providing a final polish for a natural look.

How Tooth-Colored Filling Material Works Cosmetically

Dr. Unger also uses tooth-colored resin to conceal tooth flaws. If you have a discolored, chipped, or abnormally shaped tooth, he can apply the resin, spread it in a way that blends perfectly, and then set it with a special light.

Dental bonding in Cincinnati is an inexpensive, noninvasive, and quick way to upgrade your smile affordably.

Additionally, if you have silver fillings and would like to switch to modern tooth-colored restorations, ask Dr. Unger about an upgrade.

Lowering Your Risks for Tooth Decay

The key to lowering your cavity risks is preventive dentistry coupled with an excellent at-home routine. It would be best to brush and floss at least twice daily and visit your dentist every six months for exams and teeth cleanings.

Your dental checkups and teeth cleanings are designed to lower your risks for all preventable oral health conditions, including cavities. And Dr. Unger or one of our hygienists can provide specific instructions to help you enhance your routine at home.

If you’re vulnerable to cavities—especially children—Dr. Unger may recommend a dental sealant. This treatment locks debris away from your teeth to prevent enamel breakdown, which typically results in tooth decay.

It’s also important to talk to Dr. Unger about a custom nightguard if you or a family member suffer from bruxism (grinding and clenching your teeth). Bruxism wears down your teeth, including your enamel, and leaves you vulnerable to cavities.

For Tooth-Colored Fillings in Cincinnati, Contact Our Dental Team

Enjoy a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile with tooth-colored fillings today. Reach out to a member of our helpful staff to get started.