Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction does not have to mean the end of your smile. Your Cincinnati dentist can talk to you about tooth replacement, specifically if you’ve lost your tooth due to trauma or significant decay.

Additionally, there are times when losing a tooth sets you up for a brand-new smile through orthodontics, dentures, or implant-supported restorations. An extraction, in some cases, can also contribute to better oral health.  

Reasons You May Need Tooth Extraction in Cincinnati

You may need tooth extractions for various reasons, but you can count on our dentist and team to keep you relaxed throughout the extraction process. This includes the use of powerful anesthesia, a soft neck pillow, and reassurance from our compassionate team.  

Extraction Due to Decay or Trauma

If you have a tooth (or teeth) that has suffered significant trauma, decay, or breakage below the gumline, the situation may not be salvageable. In this case, Dr. John Unger can restore your smile following extraction.

Our tooth replacement options include:

  • A denture
  • A partial denture
  • A dental bridge
  • An implant-supported bridge
  • A dental implant

Your dentist will go through the tooth replacement options to help you choose what works best for your budget, smile goals, and lifestyle.

Setting You Up for a New Smile

If you have lost several teeth, you may opt to have your remaining teeth extracted to be fitted with a full denture or an implant-supported denture. Your dentist may recommend this route if your remaining teeth are not healthy enough to support a partial denture or bridge.

Extraction Before Orthodontics or Invisalign

If your teeth are twisted or overlapping, it is typically due to overcrowding. Sometimes, your Invisalign dentist in Cincinnati recommends an extraction before clear aligners to provide you with a predictable result.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Our compassionate team understands that extraction—no matter the reasons—can leave you feeling nervous and unsure. In our dental office, we are with you every step of the way. And we think you’ll be surprised by how straightforward the extraction process really is.

Your Cincinnati dentist anesthetizes the area around your tooth and gently lifts the tooth away. Your extraction is always preplanned and image-guided through digital x-ray technology as well.

When the numbing agent wears away, you may notice some swelling and mild soreness—typically lasting a day or two. Dr. Unger will recommend a drugstore pain reliever if needed. However, many patients do not require any store-bought medication.

We will provide all aftercare instructions to promote a quick and complication-free recovery.

For Extractions in Cincinnati, OH, We Are Here for You

If you would like more information, or if you have a deeply decayed or broken tooth, schedule a consultation with our compassionate extraction dentist today.