General Dentistry

Dr. John Unger and his team provide quality dentistry for patients of all ages in Cincinnati, Covedale, Delshire, Delhi, and Delhi Hills, OH.

The goal is the same today as it has always been: To develop relationships with our patients while delivering high-quality, affordable, individualized dental care for the whole family.

Our General Dentistry in Cincinnati Restores Oral Health

Through preventive dental appointments, you lower your risks for things like cavities and gum disease. However, if you develop a dental issue, general dentistry is designed to restore your oral health. Aside from this, we offer appliance therapy to contribute to your dental wellness, including custom nightguards for bruxism (grinding and clenching your teeth).

At John V. Unger, DDS, we offer the general dentistry services families need.

Cavities and tooth-colored fillings

Most people will develop one or more cavities in their lifetime. Fortunately, today’s dental fillings don’t have to detract from your smile.

In our dental office, we treat cavities with tooth-colored fillings for an aesthetically pleasing outcome. With our composite resin—shaded to match teeth—even you may have difficulty pinpointing the location of your dental filling.

Root Canal Treatments to Save a Damaged Tooth

A damaged or root infected tooth can cause you pain and make chewing difficult. Dr. Unger provides root canal treatments to clear away infection and deep decay. This treatment not only restores your tooth to health, but it relieves your pain and broadens your dietary choices.

If your tooth is fragile following treatment, your Cincinnati dentist may cap the tooth with a dental crown to prevent new damage or fracture.

Our dental crowns cover your entire tooth and are always fabricated to look like surrounding teeth—both in color and shape.

Extractions, Smile Restoration, and Tooth Replacement

A full smile is crucial to excellent oral health. If you need a dental extraction in Cincinnati due to severe decay or fracture, your dentist can replace your tooth.

We offer:

  • Dental Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Implant-supported restorations
  • Dental implants

We can also restore a damaged or unsightly tooth with quality dental crowns, dental bonding, and various cosmetic dentistry options in Cincinnati.

Periodontal Treatment Saves Your Smile and Your Health

Dr. Unger provides periodontal treatment for patients who have been diagnosed with periodontal disease. However, our goal is to catch this disease in the gingivitis stage, which is why regular preventive checkups and teeth cleanings are so vital.

In the gingivitis stage, treatment is easier for you, and the condition is reversible. Periodontitis, unfortunately, is only treatable. But we use the latest techniques to save your teeth and prevent the systemic health conditions associated with periodontal disease, including heart health issues and stroke.  

We offer the John V. Unger Membership Plan to help patients receive periodontal treatment affordably.

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If you have an oral health issue, or if it’s time for your next checkup and teeth cleaning, Dr. Unger and his team are here for you.

Contact a friendly and helpful staff member to arrange an individual exam or appointments for the entire family.