Children's Dentistry

Dr. John Unger sees patients of all ages, and he loves treating families, including children. His goal is to instill healthy habits in kids that carry into adulthood. This includes educating them about their teeth and the importance of good oral hygiene.

Typically, we start seeing children around the age of three or before they start school. By that time, their baby teeth have mostly erupted, and your child’s dentist in Cincinnati can see that they’ve come in correctly and that all is well.

The Importance of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth act as placeholders for adult teeth, which is why it is crucial that your child not lose these teeth too soon. Think of "placeholders" as small beacons that guide in the adult teeth, letting them know where to erupt and when.

In our dental office, we create a custom treatment schedule for your child, usually twice yearly, to evaluate the health of their teeth and provide any necessary treatments to keep them in excellent shape until it’s time for adult teeth to move in.

Evolving Dentistry

Our children’s dentistry in Cincinnati evolves as your child grows. Early visits include checking the health of the teeth, counting teeth as a fun activity, and maybe giving your child a ride in the dental chair.

Soon, this gives way to professional teeth cleanings, tooth-colored fillings as necessary, and treatments to prevent specific oral health issues. We also offer custom mouthguards if your child plays a competitive sport. 

Treatments for your child may include dental sealants to lock debris and bacteria away from tooth enamel. This can significantly lower the cavity risk, and sealants are always a consideration for children prone to tooth decay. We may also recommend fluoride treatments to strengthen your child’s adult teeth.

Building Relationships with Kids

Dr. Unger and his team are great with children because they take a genuine interest in their well-being—children tend to know when adults are genuine! Over time, we develop a relationship with the children we treat by making dentistry both educational and fun.

For example, we have a prize machine, and Dr. Unger or a team member provides the coin that allows your child to claim that prize. We also talk to children in age-appropriate language about the importance of brushing and flossing. We praise them for a job well done. We answer their questions. We encourage their curiosity.

Our Collaboration with Parents

We instruct you early on caring for your young child’s teeth, including proper brushing techniques and even nutritional counseling if you’re feeling unsure.

Our team is also here to answer any questions you might have about your child’s oral health, and we always share any findings with you right away.

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We are proud to treat children and families in all locations, including Cincinnati, Bridgetown, Cleves, Covedale, and Western Hills.

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