Invisalign™ Treatment Delhi, Oh

Invisalign treatment Delhi Oh If you would like straighter teeth without the shackles of traditional metal braces, there is a proven alternative. Dr. Unger is a certified Invisalign™ provider. Since 1999, Invisalign™ products have been correcting smiles comfortably and almost undetectably.

Please read about the product and process and let the dentist or staff know if you are interested in straightening your teeth with this innovative method. After a complete evaluation, which includes an oral examination, imaging, and dental impressions, Dr. Unger can let you know if treatment with Invisalign™ is right for you in Delhi, OH.

How do braces work?

Traditional braces use metal wires and elastic bands to pull your teeth into a more functional and attractive arrangement. The wires and bands are attached to brackets that are bonded to each tooth. Braces remain on your teeth until an orthodontist removes them.

You must avoid or take special care with sticky and hard foods while wearing braces. Some foods can actually damage braces, while other foods adhere to the braces, causing hygiene problems. The brackets and wire connections make proper brushing and flossing more difficult and time-consuming.

Sharp areas or protrusions can cut the inside of your mouth, requiring you to apply wax to any irritating areas. And braces—even with modern enamel-colored brackets—are still obvious and can make you feel self-conscious.

How is Invisalign™ different from braces?

Invisalign™ is a completely different concept in straightening teeth. Invisalign™ aligners are made of clear plastic, similar to a mouth guard or whitening tray but virtually invisible. The aligners are customized to your teeth but can be removed when you eat, brush, and floss.

Every couple of weeks or so, you will progress to a new pair of aligners (or single aligner if you are straightening one arch only). Each appliance is slightly different, guiding your teeth gradually into place.

How is Invisalign™ similar to braces?

Like braces, Invisalign™ products move your teeth into a predetermined position. Once either course is over, you may need to wear retainers for several months or longer while your new smile settles in.

The treatment time with Invisalign™ is often comparable to that of braces, although it may be shorter, depending on your situation. You will need to see your dentist or specialist regularly for progress checks, although these visits may be less frequent with Invisalign™.

Advantages of Invisalign™

In brief, clear aligners:

  • Are unnoticeable to many people.
  • Are more comfortable than braces.
  • Require a relatively short treatment time.
  • Are removable for short periods.
  • Require fewer check-ins with your dentist.
  • Present no eating difficulties.

The biggest benefit of Invisalign™ is that you do not need to put off enjoying life until your treatment period has ended and your teeth are perfectly straight. Your clear aligners will not give you a juvenile appearance or otherwise detract from your looks. You will gain confidence instantly just by knowing you are taking steps to renovate your smile.

Are there any drawbacks to Invisalign™?

There are no drawbacks per se, but the Invisalign™ system does require dedication and effort on your part. Overall, most patients who qualify for Invisalign™ are extremely satisfied with the process and results. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for Invisalign treatment in Delhi, OH.